Due to COVID-19 we have shifted to a Membership model for ANY on site Facility use. This does NOT include WEB Design, Printing or Marketing Services as these can be handled through email or by phone. Please click here for a Membership Application. We also require A COVID-19 Waiver from you. Click here. Sorry!

Studio Z Records has just released "Say Goodbye" By HypercubeZ!
Available EVRYWHERE! Check out the teaser here: Say Goodbye

Latest News

Studio Z Media now has Large Format Printing!

Posters, Banners, Vehicle Signage, Window Signs, and More!

We can print small as well!

Business Cards, Laminated ID's and Name Badges, Hand Bills,

Flyers, Event and Party Graphics and More!

Email is at [email protected] for a quote today!
Or call us at 602-753-7443!

Studio Z Audio/Video Production Facility is now open!

Private Studios - Sound Stage - Meeting Room

Comfortable Homey Spaces help you Relax and Create!

We have HUNDREDS of other Synths, Modules, Processors to

expand your sound!

Studio A begins with an Alesis Fusion 8HD Workstation and Akai MPD 26 connected to a 27' iMac Computer with a Firepod Interface.
Additionally, a Roland 16 Channel Rack Mixer with a selection of 9 Samplers and dozens of Synth Modules to add to your sound!

Studio B is comprised of a 27" iMac Computer with Recording Interface, M Audio Axiom Controller, M Audio Trigger Finger and has the added feature of a Korg Triton Studio 76 Note workstation!

Studio C is comprised of a ASUS ROG Gaming Laptop with Recording Interface, Edirol PCR 300 Controller, Roland MC 808 and has the added feature of a Seqeuntial Circuits Multitrack, a Korg i3 as well as 6 Classic Synth Modules!

Studio D is our Teaching Studio! A Casio Privia for Piano Lessons and your choice of Guitars and Amps for Guitar Lessons.
Also included is a 27' iMac with an M Audio Axiom Controller and an Akai MPD18 Pad Controller!

Our Sound Stage is 16' by 16' and has Multiple Full PA's to choose from, a 2 Universe Automated Light System and can be fully populated with a variety of instruments.

Our Meeting Room is 14' by 12' and has 2 Desks, Multiple Printers, Fax Machine, a three person couch and seating for 3 others. Recommend no more than 5 people.
Also has a Music Production\Video Editing Station.

Email us at [email protected] for an Appointment today!

Studio Z Media


Studio Z Media is here to help you with Producing, Marketing and the Promotion of your Projects and Creations!

We have multiple Producton Rooms for your Projects!

We have developed Strategic Alliances and will make these accesible to YOU!

It is ALL about Your Success! StudioZ Media Consultants will give you the best Advice and Direction to help you achieve Your Dreams!